Absorber WOOD500 Corner bass trap panel


Acoustic panels combining the function of absorption and reflection of sound through the use of acoustic foam and the front of the dispersion plate. Well in any room where is a problem with reverb and other adverse acoustic in the medium-high frequencies. With its low weight and simple construction panels are easy to install.Hybrid absorption-diffuser panel for adaptation of listening rooms. The perforated board made of natural birch provides pre-scattering of sound from 650 Hz to 3000 Hz. The acoustic sponge absorbs low frequencies up to 100 Hz.

By combining sound absorption and dissipation, the panels enhance the acoustics of the interior without diminishing its character. The use of panels prevents the flicker echo and reduces the reverberation.

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  • built-in 90mm quality foam
  • professional design  proven in acoustic room
  • effectiveness medium and high frequencies
  • scattering range  650 Hz – 3500 Hz
  • range of absorption 100 Hz – 12000 Hz
  • type of front plate plywood thickness 4 mm
  • dimensions 500 x 500 x 95 mm
  • acoustic foam type PG-1
  • lightweight
  • installation with double sided tape
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • ease to install panels on the walls, corners and ceilings
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